POOLTESTERs provide simple testing for the most popular domestic water treatment agents. Measuring two parameters simultaneously, POOLTESTERs use. Including all reagents and apparatus to begin soil testing . POOLTEST 3. SK 100 SOIL PH AND . Soiltest 10 Bluetooth and manual upload of soil results Pooltest 6. 17. Pooltest 3. 19. Kitting Options. 21. Photometer Accessories. 23 The new Pooltest 25 Professional Plus Photometer is a Ancilliary Apparatus.

Instruction manual. Palintest System method book. Supplied in a hard case with AL 200 reagent pack including DPD No 1 and DPD No 3, DPD No 4, pH Phenol. Pooltester pH-Cl. GB: Instruction Manual. DE: Bedienungsanleitung. FR: Mode d' emploi. ES: Instrucciones. IT: Istruzioni. PT: Manual. NL: Gebruiksanwijzing. Pooltester ( - ) CL () . Instruction Manual GB. Bedienungsanleitung DE Manual de instrucciones ES. Gebruiksaanwijzing NL Tintometer, . Ideal for residential pool testing, the Pooltester range from Palintest provides simple and cost effective pool and hot tub testing, with simple to use devices

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