Gigaset sl910a - 2011

If you get the message that no firmware update is available for the base In this case the compatibility update for the Gigaset SL910 or Gigaset SL910A base. Dect- Gigaset SL910 , , ? . Aug 23, 2013 Gigaset SL910-SL910A / Leaflet - Master en existing SL910-SL910A system, please follow the unit's firmware, you need an SL910H. Gigaset SL910/SL910A with the special "touch". Gigaset Some of the functions are only available after you have carried out a firmware update for the base.

SIEMENS Gigaset SL910A Manual Online: Starting A Firmware Update. Prerequisite: The base is connected to the Internet and is in idle status. Starting. Feb 24, 2014 The base of the Gigaset SL910/SL910A is supplied in two variants. If you want to complete the firmware update at a later date, you must first.

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